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    Fantastic opportunity for boat enthusiasts

    If you possess a love for boats and the open sea, and a passion for craftsmanship, quality, and style; if you love the lifestyle of the rich and famous, and have salt running though your veins - then we have just the job for you!

    Our client is a leading manufacturer and retailer of luxury motor yachts, employing over 600 people just like you - predominantly from their manufacturing base in the heart of England. You'll be part of an elite team that produces over 300 luxury boats each year across a current range of 14 models from 23 to 60 feet in length - the boats that travel the world, calling in to such glamourous destinations as Marseilles, Monaco, Cannes, Miami, Rio de Janeiro!

    Each boat is hand-crafted to the most exacting standards and specifically designed to meet the individual needs of each and every customer. With a reputation for innovative design, our client continues to set new standards within the industry.

    Part of a US Future-500 listed organisation with over 21,000 employees, our client continues to expand and improve its position in the marine manufacturing industry.

    At MnM we're looking for people like you, people with a true passion for the industry, a drive for perfection, to fit the kitchens, furniture and general interiors into luxury motor cruisers. Previous experience in kitchen, bathroom, shop, or bar fitting, as well as general carpentry will provide ideal backgrounds.

    The personal qualities required are: concentration, initiative, constructive ability, patience, care, precision, teamworking/cooperation, adaptability and, above all, a love of boats!!

    We require skilled but are prepared to consider semi-skilled people who can be developed further, as long as a good core set of carpentry and fitting skills are in place, and an enthusiasm to learn.

    Skilled boat fitters would normally equate to the “2nd Fix Carpenter” standard.

    To apply please send your cv to :
    or fax your details: 0870 744 7527
    To Apply online:
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