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Discussion in 'Materials' started by flathead65, Mar 7, 2016.

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    Does anyone know where I can purchase Tyvek 1443R in western Canada/ U.S.?
    I phoned Dupont a couple of times and no luck. I want to make an experimental sail and need 100 ft roll x60". 1443R is the soft material unlike house wrap which is paper like. Thanks.
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    I would think any lumber store that sells building materials and tyvek could order a full roll of what you want. Start calling some.
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    Check with (> http://intothewind.com/ <) and other kit and back back makers.

    There are a number of version of Tyvek and I'd recommend you use 3M -300LSE as the adhesive or Tyvek tape, which is available at the big box stores.

    1443R is pretty soft and light, just over a ounce per yard. You can get a fair soft Tyvek if you use the 1020 style, which is 2 and a little over ounces per. Just toss in in the washing machine and run 3 or 4 "delicate" cycles. It'll come out soft and much more fabric like, without all the noise of the type 10 versions.

    Here's a few links for an actual roll of the stuff.

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