Twin inboard gas to single diesel conversion

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by goodidea28, Sep 6, 2006.

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    Thinking about converting my 28 seabird sportfish (twin 225 cryslers) to a single diesel.Has any one done this or could recomend what type of horsepower would be compatable in a diesel?The boat weighs about 10,000lbs and cruises at around 20kts.The chryslers are coupled to v-drives, if changed to a diesel should I use a single V-drive to keep the weight in the rear or move the engine toward the front?I would assume a single diesel strait 6 would weigh as much as the two 318 chryslers.Any advise would be appreciated, thanks.

    -Glenn Burgess
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    You can find aluminium alloy diesels. steyr make them and I think they would be light compared to some old chryslers.

    You could also convert a turbo diesel from a car with aluminium block.

    I don't think you wil have problems finding a aluminium turbo diesel with the same weight to power ration as a normaly aspirated gasoline engine.:)
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