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Discussion in 'Stability' started by mtht110, Aug 13, 2018.

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    I am looking for Tugboat additional IMO criteria as per MSC.415(97) for Maxsurf Stability. I didn't find this criteria in Maxsurf stability criteria section. How can I import or create it in maxsurf?

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    Directly in Maxsurf can not be done. You must calculate the heeling arms of the typical tugboat studies, using the existing formulas, draw the curves of those values that vary with the heel and calculate the points of intersection of these curves with the curve of the righting arms. Then calculate the areas included in each section and check whether or not they meet the criteria.
    All this I imagine that you already know how to do it. Returning, then, to your question, the answer is no, you can not do directly with Maxsurf.
    With some other CAD program, for example AutocAD, you can draw all those curves (some with the values calculated by Maxsurf and others with the values calculated by you) and calculate the points of intersection and the areas of each section.
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