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    I'm a naval arch student and I'm working on a concept design for a small tug. There aren't many high level requirements so I'm just seeking some general critique on what I've drawn so far. Intuitively, I feel that what I have designed is unrealistic for a 14m tug so I'm very open to constructive criticism and advice. Does the engine room being on the same level as galley and such make sense? Would I even have room for these azipod shafts? Is there a better way to situate stairs that you could think of? I've attached the GA as a dwg and a Rhino model for reference. Thanks in advance.

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    The shape of the hull looks completely fine! but please tell me on what basis you're itself claiming your design as unrealistic lol ?
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    A design will be good or bad, realistic or unrealistic, depending on the degree of compliance of its SOR. You cannot comment on a design without knowing the conditions it must meet.
    It seems that you have copied the shapes of a larger tugboat and, reducing its scale, you try to fit them to your size and, of course, there are things that are not scalable: size of accommodation, necessary power and, as a consequence, size of engines and axle lines, volume and types of tanks.
    Define the SOR correctly and in detail and, perhaps, some tugboat expert will be able to comment.
    And allow me some advice, do not start to make a 3D model of the ship before knowing what you should do with your hull. It is lost work and does not contribute anything to your project. Good luck with your project.
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