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    Hi everybody,

    My name is Vasilis. For the last few months I have been searching for a master degree in the field of naval architecture. I am interested in two universities, Newcastle and TU Delft.
    The first university offers an MSc in naval architecture, which includes courses like ship performance, ship propulsion, structural response analysis and others. I believe that the above courses are the fundamental knowledge that a naval architect should acquire.
    The TU Delft offers a specialization in Ship Design, which I assume is closely related with naval architecture. As it is mentioned on the site, the program combines study in technical topics with logistics, management, risk analysis etc. I believe that this combination will provide the essential knowledge in order for someone to handle also, the non technical aspects of ship design.
    However, I noticed that the Ship Design specialization program lacks (if I am not mistaken) in technical courses like ship performance, ship propulsion, structures which the Newcastle program offers.
    So I wonder if the above will prove to be a handicap when someone has to cope with technical issues on ship design. Of course, the answer depends heavily on which career path somebody wants to follow, but let us assume that any job in a shipping company or in a technical office is considered.

    If anyone has already attained the program in any of the universities, or has a view on the matter, I would be grateful for a piece of advice.
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    @TU Delft ,The Master's programme Marine Technology offers two tracks: Science and Design, Production and Operation (DPO)

    Under Ship Science there are two more specialization, Ship Hydromechanics ( Ship manoeuvrings resistance, propulsion etc) and Ship and offshore structure (Ship motion etc)

    under DPO there are 4 specialization, Ship design, Ship production, Shipping Management , Marine Engineering.

    You can choose any one track at first as your taste. then chose the specialization field.

    I have got a chance for MSc this year, autumn 2011, under DPO but waiting for a scholarship notification if available. without scholarship it is very much costly. If you have enough self-funding it will be not a problem. At first year ,you have to give € 22.100,- (€ 12.500,- tuition fee plus € 9.600,- living expenses) to Delft University of Technology.

    more information you can get their website and prospectus. And indeed Delft is one of the best university.
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