Trying to locate a one person Yacht class

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Entrailies, Aug 22, 2016.

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    Hi, I have been trying to locate a maker of one person replica scale yachts that I remember from the 1980s.

    They were replicas of full sized racing sailboats which had been scaled down to accommodate one person who reclined in the boat (taking up most of the available room). Steering was achieved by a foot bar and all the sheets were fed back into the cockpit. The result was just the sailors head showing in the cockpit.

    I know that someone in the U.S. made them for a while and I thought that someone in the UK also made them and they were raced in a class of their own.

    Has anyone any information about them, I have done the usual google search but either I have not used the right search term or there is no record of them.

    Thanks for any help

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    There were several . One of the most popular is the International 2.4 Meter. The site below has lots of info on the boat:
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    Joe Richards made the first one, called Illusion. He lives in Shalfleet so a near neighbour to you. They were regularly raced at Bembridge and Cowes

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    Just like buses....

    could find anything on the net and after I had posted on this forum, I come across minuet boats. Also thanks to those who posted replies - useful info which I will follow up. Thanks
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    Decades ago I saw an article of scaled down battleships, famous America Cup sailboats etc that you either sat in or stood in (like in a miniature deep keeled sailboat) and only your head was visible above the deck. There was a club with a bunch of the sailboats that they raced, working all the sails and lines just as in a full sized boat. They were pretty neat but seemed like death traps. Google 'manned models' or 'manned model ships' or similar stuff.

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    The class you are refering to is all most certainly, the Illusion STILL raced at Bembridge, West Kirby and several other places.

    For the rest of the world for the fit or disabled, also it's a para-olympic class, there is the International 2.4M

    IN the USA there is the millimetre class

    There are several others around the world, I believe there are other designs in the USA, at least one in France and another in Germany, all based on the sit in steer with your feet or joystick or wheel. Pull the ropes with your hands.
    Some are 2 seaters, one in front of the other (such as an Illusion 2) some sit side by side such as the French Neo 495
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