Trimaran with two Hobie 16 rigs

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by lane, Nov 13, 2015.

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    Center hull

    I will expand my Ama search. Gerald. You had a good point about hull rocker. I still need to choose a center hull. I want tandem seating and the only hull I could think of was a used tandem Kayak. What other options come to mind? Lane

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    Most of the small trimaran builds nowadays, using existing cat hulls for floats, are building custom designed main hulls to suit whichever floats they end up using, so its hard to recommend a main hull without knowing what floats you will use. I don't know if you have any design or build skills but it would be quite easy to make a main hull out of the plywood stitch and glue method. Have you thought about a cat or are you a tri fan only? I don't know if it's pure speed or cruising ability or a bit of both. Whatever way you go you will have a powerful boat using two hobie 16 rigs.
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