Trimaran with a difference

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by oceancruiser, Dec 3, 2013.

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    Pbmaise, a member here, also has a similar mast aft rig on his 62ft tri... Pm him for details...
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    I think it IS Pbmaise's boat.
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    Thanks groper.

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    Yes that is my boat. I'm up in Carmen Bay near the city of Danao. I'm currently doing painting projects. The mast "sailed" very nicely through Yolanda (Haiyan Typhoon). I had 15 lines to shore so I didn't go very far during the storm.

    See my online video on Youtube to look at it under sail with the previous test mast.

    I have written three extensive presentations of my trials, failures, and successes.
    See my gallery at

    Philip Maise
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    You got my interest at

    and it would have helped if you had of filled in the designers name in the appropriate section.

    Think you are extremely tough with List No 8 Conditions.

    Best sailing conditions for the future and hope you find a maritime archaeologist.

    To get us I think you will need to pay airfares to and from the vessel as a minimum

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    Rarely to find any infos about designer Jay Kantola... the lines of these Trimarans have their own beautyness and elegance. I love them.

    Accidently I fell over this name because of pbmaise's monster trimaran of 65 ft. designed by Kantola... using a Crab Claw main sail with Aft-Mast rig. Interesting indeed.

    Only found one single video about the boat buiding process of a 39 Foot Kantola, the Trimaran JAZZ

    And it seems there is another big Kantola Trimaran of 56 ft. sailing along South California coast, former being used as charter boat. See the Ketch rigged Tri via attached image (click on it to pop up in fully size)

    Impressive size this WindChime... it has a beautifully interior, too. More pics here:

    Another Kantola Trimaran which is in charter the 44 ft. Tri HAIKU front coast of Costa Rica...

    Astonishly this boat has huge space under deck, e.g. seen with galley and saloon...

    Third one is the Trimaran Spirit Of Tsitika (home port: Canada), a 35 footer designed by Kantola... which I found reading a little story about anchoring on Trimarans published in 2014.

    Out there is a 37 foot Kantola (the owner has it as 2nd boat)... built in 1979 and refitted during 2012-2014. As it looks the main hull was pro-longed from the original size of a 34 footer plus 3 ft extra. See thumbnail attached, pls click on it for resize.

    For all boaters who love "small trimarans", Jay Kantola has designed a 25 footer.... in 2013 the Tri Poco Loco (I suppose its Spanish and means "A little bit mad" and is a pop song) was refitted you can read a report by Brandon Walters here.


    Would really like to know more about (the curriculum of) this designer. - And best see some videos to see how the boats sail.

    Tks in advance giving attention and feedback.

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