Trimaran, made from a Monohull

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by brian eiland, Aug 20, 2011.

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    brian eiland Senior Member

    ...this was posted on

    The below creation was just featured in Norwegian sailing media. Apparently a german project named "Mia".

    The report says that the centerhull used to be a Dehler 41DS.

    Pics shot by Helge Ivers√ły at Ponta Delgada.

    I have seen lots of discussions about using a monohull as the basis for a trimaran. This is the first time I have actually seen such a creation.. It would be nice to know the full thinking behind this boat as most seem to agree that a monohull is not a good basis for a trimaran. Some of the small details like how the beams are connected also looks "interesting". What are those rectangular items at the waterline?

    Full article here for those who are fluent in scandinavian languages or Google Translate:

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  2. Corley
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    Corley epoxy coated

    The rectangular parts much have something to do with a waterstay as there is no way those beams are cantilever (look how small the inboard ends are) they must be put into compression by a stay. Overall not too bad as far as these conversions go but I'd prefer a Horstman or similar modern tri with a large interior and integrated design over this type of construction.
  3. basil
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    This may be a dumb question; is the keel still on this boat? I would have thought the waterline would be considerably shorter if the few tonnes of lead had been removed?
  4. brian eiland
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    brian eiland Senior Member

    Interesting observation Basil!
  5. Ilan Voyager
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    Ilan Voyager Senior Member

    All that work for this result...What a pity.
    Very big doubts about the strength of the system of the arms. Surely a lot of cables for keeping all that together.

  6. bruceb
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    adjustable waterstays?

    It looks as if the waterstays are adjustable, and also there is a large platform added around the transom- as if it is built to "surf". (we know it can't plane:rolleyes:) The water line does look about stock, but it is hard to tell how much of the weight of the amas the main hull is supporting. Interesting at the very least. B
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