Trim axis of planing boat.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Henry Swanepoel, Apr 16, 2018.

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    About which axis or point does a boat trim when planing? Is it simply the CG or is it some other point?

    And am I correct in stating that when the vessel is static, the axis about which it will trim when mass moves on the vessel is the centroid of the water-plane area?
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    It gets more complicated when planing. The dynamic lift is dependent of shape and speed. It shifts with speed as the boat rises up on a plane because the shape and total surface area submerged change.
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    When planing, the static trim will be determined by the equilibrium of all the external non-inertial forces (hydrostatic, hydrodynamic, aerodynamic, mass) and moments around the CoG.
    I realize that the above is essentially a tautology, but is hard to say anything more than that without getting into the design details of the vessel.

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    That's right, but just a small trim changes the locus of the centroid of the water plane. So the next incremental trim motion has an slightly different axis and so on.
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