Transparent fibreglass over Mahogany - Pros + cons

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by jake101, Oct 16, 2017.

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    Okay, thanks. Bubble busting is a super idea chemically. But the rollers have nothing to do with this conversation blueknarr. A fill coat, for example might 'bubble'.

    I see little value in the poly clear over UV varnish unless the poly is UV stable; so a bit confusing to tell a user to yse poly, but poly is ususally sans uv except a special batch yoy made 12 years ago.

    And the real question is still unanswered.

    Is this an appearance deck or structural deck? Big difference in how it would be approached. Mahog ply or hardwood?

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    For what it's worth Paul, I know a few formulators that are using bubble busting mixes and at least one that uses UV inhibitors in the hardener.

    One advantage of this 3 part system is there's a slightly softer layer between the best UV protection (polyurethane) and the UV sensitive epoxy, that (most importantly) is easily repairable (the varnish). If you do take damage or the coating gets away from, but you do catch it in time. You can grind off the poly, down to the varnish, then repair the varnish with a new flow coat and top coat again with more polyurethane.

    I'm currently testing some automotive acrylic urethane clears over epoxy. This is a side by side with several formulations, some water borne, others solvent based. I'm taking bets on the results, who wants in . . .
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