transparent fiberlass layup?

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    First of all, apologies to rwatson, I may have the wrong end of the stick. It is however reasonable to assume it is not super easy to evenly heat a plywood oven to 120-140 deg C with a paint stripper gun or other hot air device. Yes I have done 'home drapes' and line forming like sign makers/fabricators using similar home made gear. Also built a lot of forming 'bucks' or patterns, even correcting them for distortion on deep rectangular shapes. Last lot was for encasing Hi-tech electronics for touch screen bathroom electronics.... ie wet environment but safe!.

    Anyway key thing is try it, even better if you have a thermometer you can sense into the oven so you don't overcook things. I'll second PAR's recommendation about a quick flaming, useful trick. A quick pass with a naked flame is useful. Do not forget that formings want to 'return' to their natural flat state if heated up to distortion temperatures.
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