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    Step -no step

    More than a few times I have wished I could go back in time and give myself a good talking to. It almost always is about saving time and doing the easy job that comes back to cause more work later. Pretend I am your future self saying - "Why did you do this this way when you could have worked out a better way"

    But to do a better job after fairing will be 5 times harder so ask yourself the question very very hard and be wary of your responses. Ask your partner about it.

    I have attached a couple of pics on my stern extension on my (NOW) 7.3 metre cat. Done before major fairing so it was hugely less work than not admitting I had made a mistake and then doing it after fairing. Rememer almost every multi is down on her lines so some upsweep at the stern should not be a problem.



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