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    I need help figuring out what parts I need to buy for my boat trailer. I have a bunk trailer that I would like to add keel rollers to. There seems to be nothing to mount a keel roller to up forward, though. What hardware can I buy to get a keel roller up forward? The cross members towards the rear are not full box beams either, so U-bolts will not work there. The cross members are simply L-channel. What can I use to mount keel rollers to L-channel? I would also like to raise the winch higher so it pulls on the boat from a better angle. How can I raise the winch higher? Here is a link to a picture so you can get a better idea of what I'm talking about:
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    The winch is a piece of cake

    The arm with the winch on is held with two fastenings remove the one near the boat twist the arm thru to vertical - re drill and fasten...

    The cross member for the front of the mud flaps looks fairly meaty - a suitable piece of wood or aluminium box could be attached at the front between the 2 rails and depending on the angle required above, to the face or below that mudflap crossmember.

    Just remember that the trailer should only be submerged far enough that the wheels are only just in the water :D

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    the keel rollers could be held with a pair of simple plates, bolted thru as frequently as required

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    I've just modified a trailer like that for two additional keel rollers, both required a cross brace. They are simple to make if you can work metal, other wise you'll need to have them fabricated. On a trailer that light 2"x3/16" angle stock will do just fine. Cut and bend perpendicular the lower portion of the ends of the angle so you create a flat on each end that will be drilled for mounting bolts. So simple measuring and hack saw stuff really. I use a hammer and bend over the ends to form a generous radius on the mounting flange.

    Through bolt the trailer frame where necessary, then mount the trailer roller brackets, which can also be home made. A length of flat bar, say 1"x 3/16" or 1/4" will do, bent into a "U" shape, the width of the roller and drilled for mounting bolts and axle shaft.

    Trailer roller/bracket assemblies can also be had as "side mount", which are designed to be adjustable and "U" bolted to frame rails or through fastened. These tend to bend in time.


    I perfer this style:


    which does require the height be fixed where desired, but they're less likely to bend in time. This type can mount directly on top of your newly made cross brace.

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    For a small boat like that the 2X4 is enough to hold the roller. Fit the wood inside the channel and secure it with a couple of straps going around the channel.
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