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    Cultural and national slurs are not appropriate for a civilized discussion forum such as this. Personally, I happen to agree with Carolyn Parrish on the George Bush issue; so far I'm reserving judgement on the Frank Mighetto issue. But half of your country also agrees with me. Such slurs don't help anyone's cause. Note to everyone- Please try to keep the discussion reasonably civilized.
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    SailDesign Old Phart! Stay upwind..

    That would be "Harbour Court" to you, fatdog - and don't you forget it! :)
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    fatdog " "

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    Frankie was too busy looking at his radar display. Electronic gadgetry comes first for him, racing comes last.
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  6. Buc
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    Fatdog --

    Can you show the sequence as stills so we can figure out who's who?

  7. the_sphincter
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    the_sphincter *

    It looks like that's Frank on port, and a tri on starboard, and the tri has to duck Frank? What's going on here frankie? don't know the rules of the road? you're incompetent?
  8. RHough
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    The tri must give way to a vessel not under command. :)
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    I disagree. Can't you guys see the Mac is sailing sooo fast it just went around the world in 1/24th of a second? That hull is soo efficent that it generates no wake at all.

    The sails that appear to be flappling, on ly look that way due to an optical illusion; they are soo efficent, that the generate lift without being trimmed at all.

    You just don't get it, do you?

    Another explanation is that this clip is a collage assembled by a joint force with members of the CIA, all East Coast sailing groups, TP-52 defenders, MI-5, SIM, KGB and Sailing World.
  10. fatdog
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    Buc, Not sure how to do that, the sequence is one originally posted on SA. But the vessel in question is the one with the radar post, aqua dodger up, reefed main (in what looks like about 7 knots), flogging and semi-furled jib, outboard down, on port and bombing through the start of a class that its not in.
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    Fifteen hundred.

    1500 posts! Woo hoo!

    Another milestone in the annals of moronic web content. :D
  12. Buc
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    Fatdog --

    I know what it shows -- I was there. That's why I'd like to see the boats that had to give way to the idiot. One of 'em's mine.

  13. fatdog
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    fatdog " "

    Sorry to hear that.....From a previous post...all I got.

  14. mighetto
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    Great example of how the big race boats are a burden on our sport. The photo documents a poorly executed race that best I can tell was started early. 80 percent of the problems are caused by the big race boats which in this case charged their start. Commodore Decker wasn't able or willing to restart the race and those of us in other fleets were caught in the charge. The Tripp crew hunt Murrelets and were in full T bone mode from my perspective. It is this behavior that harms our sport. Because of this race I suspect that all races will be under VHF control in the near future. Currently SSSS implemented an extra shot 1 minute from the start that is meant to clear the course.

    Lets work up this briefing for PHRF NW.


    - TP52s now in 4th Generation
    - Race boats are rairly racable 2 years after a new generation is introduced
    - Old generation race boats have limited race potential in PHRF or IRC
    - Those with the least race potential move quickly into one design


    - OD is one design (neutral)
    - OD is Owner Driver (good)
    - OD is On Drugs (bad) if you think it doesn't burden the community
    - 20 percent of the racers generate 80 percent of the burden


    - Areas supporting OD take on a high burden and risk alienating many in the communty because resources to support OD detract from the effort to grow the sport

    - Anything that can postpone or prevent TP52 OD in the Pacific Northwest benefits the sport in that resources can be efficiently devoted in other areas.


    The Pacific Northwest was set up as a dumping ground for expired TP52s. The VPP program distributed by Jim Teeters et al and likely used by Sudie Parker in rating for phrf favors TP52s. It has been reject as non-scientific (read cheating) by the ORC and should be rejected by PHRF as well.

    See you all at the next PHRF-NW meeting. Any help with the above briefing appreciated.

    Frank L. Mighetto

  15. DLackey
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    Looks like just YOU were caught in the charge.

    With 10 minutes to go before you even get a preperatory signal, what were you doing in the starting area?
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