Towed a broke down ski boat to the Marina in my 17' sailboat this weekend.

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by Jetboy, Aug 6, 2012.

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    Ever so slightly off topic.
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    Words of wisdom from Frosty,the notorious off topic poster...
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    Notorious off topic poster --who me?

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    Actually, I was waiting for the 'hook' .. like ...

    While you were providing 'tea' for the girl, someone stole the radio from your car, or was robbing your house or something.

    One point that no-one has mentioned is marine law, and the rescuers liability.

    If you actually offer to tow someone, you can be liable for damage if things go wrong. The boat in trouble should request the help, and you should not offer any kind of help until they request it.

    If you are in international waters, in some sort of peril, if the rescuing boat is a naval or coastguard boat, they will not offer you a tow. You have to specifically request it. They are not even allowed to directly suggest a tow.

    Likewise, you have to be very careful about being rescued. You could incur a big bill in quite protected waters and many rivers. These laws do not just apply to the open ocean.

    "The laws of marine salvage apply to every vessel upon navigable waters, from a canoe to an ocean liner. It is not necessary for the vessel to be engaged in commerce. This subjects almost all recreational vessels (except those on landlocked lakes and ponds) to claims for salvage rewards."

    Another interesting article
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    Comon guys you never had a girl tease you like that. Geeez I had a few.

    Julie was great for fun, her eyes darted white like a fish coming to the surface and her teeth lit up her face. She always had high heels and could walk on them too, She could even run on them.

    Born English in Singapore and ,---- Oh I miss her.
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    Oh yeah, she was something!

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    I get it often-I'm just over half your age and work out every day.

    The problem arises when you claim to be "fat as a pig",are 230 pounds or so,and in your 60's. And you wonder why we don't believe you?

    Maybe she has very poor vision,or was a girly boy looking for money..

    Yes you. the only one worse was that wickedgood guy that got banned.
    I never worked out if he was just having fun, or if he was quite insane.
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    Ive never claimed to be so. Most of that information is incorrect.

    It was 25 years ago that Julie and I played games, she was expensive and classy which is why she liked my company.

    But I always helped her out when she walked her red Setter past the house and it needed water. Her husband who was half my age and weight never knew, he was always in the Gym working out and did'nt understand the needs of a woman like that..she wanted to be told she was beautiful not him. Some days she was in tears , she felt she was in competition with him and he was always in the mirror. She said at one time she thought he was homosexual spending so much time in the gym with naked men. She divorced him I heard later, I believe he died when a weight fell on his head.

    Errrm why are you the only one interested in this?
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    You said so yourself.

    .and I'm not interested in your stories,just trying to get you to stop posting off topic fantasies.

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    Im bang on topic --helping people. Your the one that keeps dragging me off to fantasies ---it was true.

    Do you need help--- I don't think I can help you, your too far gone.

    Carefull when your trying to make yourself look attractive to women ( snigger) Dont drop a weight on your head while your looking at yourself in the mirror,--very dangerous,

    You see,--- bang on topic.
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