Top 10 countries outside of U.S.A. or Europe to spend rest of your days aboard?

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    New Zealand is going back 20 -30 years, pies and beer is all there is.

    Single lane roads with antique cast of vehicles from UK
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    Fromwhat I researched they do not encouraged it but they are alot more flexible they do encourage vacation/work visas , and temporary working visas, specially for the harvesting seasons they got plans for students to go work peaking fruit part time they get paid and they can stay the rest of the summer back packing . They also have a sponsoring system where a company or employer will sponsor the ineterested person to go work and obtain their visa ;here is a link where you can take a look at

  3. Frosty

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    Yes but leave the bloody sheep alone. Tip --they push back harder at the edge of a cliff.

    Yes kiwi is desperate for humans but if you must go and are desperate and totally without any chance of going anywhere else you might be able to live there ( for a week or two).

    What ever you do though do not stand behind a kiwi in a buffet queue.
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