To those looking for flute and bead bits larger than 1/4 -3/8"

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Eric Lundy, Sep 5, 2020.

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    I want to route some cedar strips that are thicker than 3/8" thick in cove and bead to make a boat larger than a kayak. Surprising to me these larger flute and bead bits are hard to find. To do this I wanted a router bit set larger than the thickness of cedar strip I want to keep the edges of the cove from getting too flimsy. In my hunt I came across some reasonablyd priced Asian router bits that people can use to make thicker strips. I am unsure of their quality, but their price for a set is reasonable comparatively (a 1/2" shank 3/4" diameter set is $40, so $20 a bit). Also the flute and bead sets get as large as 1" diameter. Making very large boats possible with strips 7/8" thick or so.

    The router bits I ordered are from an Asian site here: 2pc/set 1/2" Shank Router Bits For Wood Woodworking Tool Semicircle Mortise Stitching Knife Floor T - mortis CNC Cutter

    I always have reservations ordering from an unknown site overseas, but I thought heck, let's try. As of now the bits are being shipped via local carrier in the US to me. If they arrive, I will update the thread, also if they arrive I will test them and give a quality report. I hope this can help others in their hunt to make bigger than a canoe size strip planked boats.
    Cheers - eric.
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