Tinho Dornellas not a World Champion

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by TINHO DORNELLAS, Dec 18, 2010.

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    TINHO DORNELLAS Junior Member

    I am new to this forum, had never heard of it until some correspondence arrived recently alerting me to several mentions made on my behalf and bestowing me with titles I did not have.
    I am NOT a World Champion in any kind of Sport even if I have been involved in many sports and been designing and building my own designs in many different crafts. I dont talk about Ideas, I make them. I fail and learn in the process, then do it again.
    I have designed boards for AHD, Protec, and my own brand, Calema.
    I have designed beginner/recreational rigs for Gaastra Sails, Maui Sails.
    I am a Windsurfing Master Instructor Trainer for US Sailing and have been a pro instructor for many years. With my wife and partner, have owned Calema Windsurfing and Watersports, for 26 years, and have run one of the largest and most prestigious windsurfing events in the USA and that event indeed attracted the world champions many years in a row. I have been fortunate enough to learn from and share much information from these athletes. My mantra is, theories are great but the proof is in the pudding. Any and all new ideas get confirmation in racing or are proven by racers.
    I have read some threads in this forum where my name is mentioned and my blood froze!!
    Please, in the future I would appreciate questions directed to me directly.

    I bumped on one mention from Doug Lord quoting me that the fastest way to sail a windsurfing board is with the rig upright and not canted, and this is totally WRONG.
    I introduced to the windsurfing instruction the concept of BALANCED POWER.
    I can lay claim to this very important point in windsurfing Instruction technique.
    Balanced power, possible in windsurfing craft, is how they SHOULD be sailed even though they can be sailed (inefficiently) other ways. Balanced power places the driving force of the center of effort directly over the board’s centerline, which means that the mast is well to windward of the centerline of the board. And the larger the sail, the deeper the profile of the sail, the more to windward the mast must be tilted to keep balanced power. I would love to respond and correct many inaccuracies but the threads and discussions are so extensive, I simply do not have the time, so my apologies.
    You can find much information and my own opinions about windsurfers on www.calema.com/forums
    BTW this is a great forum!
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  2. Doug Lord
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    Doug Lord Flight Ready

    Tinho, great to see your post. To the extent I misquoted you at any time I apologize. You have been a great help to me in listening to my ideas and most recently helping me with the MPX-12 planing ama. I appreciate your help and advice. I'm sorry that my own personal stalker involved you in this manner.
    Thanks for your generous comments just now on the phone! Doug
  3. cardsinplay
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    cardsinplay da Vinci Group

    It's truly sad when someone can't speak to truth on a matter and others interested in the process of truth have to go to the inferred source to verify the comments.

    You spoke incorrectly from a technical perspective and well out of school when you referred to Tinho in your self-aggrandizing comments on the SpeedDream thread. Without doubt, you were looking to tag your misguided opinions with his credibility and you got it all so terribly wrong. That is an incredibly low and twisted thing to do to anyone, much less a guy with whom you wish to remain friends. The fact that he found it necessary to come to BD.net and straighten you out is irrefutable evidence that you engaged your keyboard before recognizing the meaning of friendship, much less checking to see if your distorted idea as to how windsurfers actually work, was correct.

    You were given plenty of time to fix your messed-up opinion and were asked to do so twice. You posted additionally to the thread without addressing the issues, so I went to the source and suggested that he was being made the fool on these pages. Tinho's actions and comments say it all.
  4. Doug Lord
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    Doug Lord Flight Ready

    ostlind, you are my own personal stalker and as such are a worthless, poor excuse for a human being. You are unable to intelligently discuss issues and try at every turn to disrupt any thread of which I am a part. You use inuendo ,outright lies and plain BS to create turmoil that you think will affect me, discredit me, hurt me or any thread of which I am a part. You are a disgusting, miserable, lowlife failure.

    Tinho is a friend of mine and will remain so-he is a first class individual and has been a big help to me a number of times as well as being a great source of inspiration.
  5. ancient kayaker
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    ancient kayaker aka Terry Haines

    Cardsinplay, if you are indeed the person formely posting as "Chris Ostlind" I certainly don't wish to be drawn into the never-ending story of your vendetta with Doug, but I would like to draw your attention to the post below.

    I took note of your words and added my actual name to my subsequent posts. Perhaps you might consider doing the same. I must admit that the respected Rick Willoughby no longer does that, so perhaps there is precedent for your reticence, but it is acquiring a slight patina of hypocrisy IMHO.

  6. mark775

    mark775 Guest

    Don't tell me it's him - The moderator would surely like to know if he slithered back on this forum after being 86ed. If he would go to such length to stalk, who knows what else. If not him, then some one of his buddies?
  7. Jeff
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    Jeff Moderator

    It is good to make your acquaintance and I appreciate you setting the record straight though I am very sorry that you first discovered this forum under these circumstances. If there is any unresolved or further issue with any member of the forum, please send a quick email to webmaster@boatdesign.net and it will be treated seriously.
  8. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    Of course it is him

    and he makes no secret out of it.
  9. troy2000
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    troy2000 Senior Member

    I'm not too familiar with who 'him' is. But he sent me four emails about the four negative rep points I gave him. He's now on my ignore list here, and my email's spam list.
  10. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    It is Chris Ostlind Troy. A stalker of the nastiest provenience.
    And he confirmed his identity!

  11. ancient kayaker
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    ancient kayaker aka Terry Haines

    I don't understand how Chris got like this. he was always a bit crusty but a good source of boating knowledge IMO.
  12. CutOnce

    CutOnce Previous Member

    From a different viewpoint

    Although this shall consign me forever to the dungeons of the damned, I shall say a few words in Chris' defense.

    Chris actually designs real boats. Real boats that get built by real clients. Boats that real people build and get on the water. Chris designs interesting and unique boats buildable by amateurs. His resume is real, and his designs numerous for an amateur designer.

    Chris obviously railed against a forum where people who do not actually deliver what they present are held in higher esteem than those who do. His methods were direct and confrontational in a forum where being direct and confrontational are not valued (unless you live in Florida apparently). Chris went direct to a oft-quoted source of credibility for a poster and proved beyond a doubt that this person mis-represented both their words and reputation. Somehow, in this forum, this has been determined bad form, and somehow Chris is at fault for clearly demonstrating how little credibility should be given the person who misrepresented the esteemed Mr. Dornellas.

    One man's nasty stalker is another's quirky Don Quixote in a quest for truth and justice. A matter of perspective, although on a point of order Mr. Dornellas came out quite clearly behind Chris Ostlind's stated position on the issue at hand, not the poor, downtrodden stalkee.

    Somehow, "nice" is more important here than right and wrong. I highly value "nice" myself, but I place a higher value on truth, therefore I will miss Chris Ostlind, as I valued his designs, his experience building things and his actual delivery of that which he spoke more than I value people who misrepresent others. Being able to trust someone's words is more important to me than having them speak to everyone politely, but lie. I won't miss the endless confrontation, but I'd rather that than letting prevaricators speak freely without check.

    I wish everyone here a Merry Christmas (if applicable), Happy Hanukkah (if applicable) or happy holidays for the season. Lots of snow here (and elsewhere according to the news).

    As far as I know, Chris Ostlind has left the forum and I for one feel poorer for it.

  13. Doug Lord
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    Doug Lord Flight Ready

    Bistros,(Bill), when it came to me ostlind has lied, misrepresented, twisted and
    misquoted my words-and often. He was not able to engage in a technical discussion w/o personal attack. This last attempt to distort the truth by outright lying to Tinho Dornellas and involving my friend in his vendetta against me has gone too far. It will not be put aside or forgotten by me until justice is done.

    Posts,152, 155, and 164 in the Speed Dream thread explain the facts of this matter and expose the attempt ostlind made to misrepresent the facts to Tinho Dornellas including telling him that I used his name in the Speed Dream thread(I did not), made up information about Tinho( I did not) and that Tinho was being made a fool of by me(outrageously false). Two things that I believed to be true in regard to Tinho were not and I have apologised to him profusely for my mistake and for the fact that he was drawn into this mess by my stalker.
    I have explained the above to Tinho-- Tinho is my friend and someone I admire and respect. He has helped me numerous times over the last few years and is a first class individual.

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  14. ancient kayaker
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    ancient kayaker aka Terry Haines

    Chris was in the habit of posting insulting messages in Doug’s threads. It is called stalking by the vast majority who find it irritating. Those few who support or condone it may call it promulgation of truth regardless of consequences. It seems he now does it under a pseudonym, a practice that he himself railed against on previous occasions, which is sad.

    I have found Doug’s stuff useful to the extent that it brings my attention to activities that I might otherwise not know about. To those better informed on boating matters than myself, the repetition may be annoying but there are new members that appreciate the information. Few others provide this service and there is no body of knowledge within the forum that can be readily tapped.

    It isn’t necessary to read Doug’s posts or contribute to his threads; ignoring him is an option open to all. Those who disagree with Doug should avoid avoid being disagreeable to the rest of us. It seems to be an option that neither Chris nor Doug can bear to use.

    I miss Chris like I missed Doug when he vanished for a while some time back. Chris’ obsession with Doug has removed him and his knowledge - and acerbic wit - from the forum. Those of us who enjoyed, and on occasions fenced with him will miss him.

    - Gentlemen, when all is said and done, that is your problem, both of you.

  15. mark775

    mark775 Guest

    It gets worse. I know darn-all about foilers or helium in Americas Cup racers (Which is where my involvement started) I, like many, turn to Doug's threads to learn, as I did on that thread. I saw that Doug was excited about a possible new application of helium and I recall that Chris badgered him and made fun of him. My nature is also somewhat that of a confrontationalist. I don't care to prove myself to anyone, I sometimes debate (some say argue) as a means to get to the truth or inspire thought. I've got as many people on this thread that despise me as think I'm okay to show for it - but the result is that I simply don't matter! I don't have a product to sell, I don't have any commensurate restraints.
    I entered a thread and there was Ostlind doing his usual, following Doug to berate and try to make him look foolish... and I stuck up for Doug. Not knowing more...or less than others about helium in boat construction, I interjected "it could be this" or "seems plausible enough". From this, it denegrated into multiple personal mails and threats from Chris - and more threats if I told anyone! Living in a small enough town that nobody comes or goes without me knowing about it, let alone some random person asking about me, I felt threatened, of course, but not too scared to tell the moderator. At the second case of verbal abuse, I forwarded a mail to the moderator and, as far as we knew, Chris was not heard from again until now.
    All of this being said, obviously the guy has a head on his shoulders...and could have had much to contribute but someone mentioned "a forum where people who do not actually deliver what they present are held in higher esteem than those who do". I looked at Chris's gallery. I'm sorry but what I saw was a few sketches, a picture of the Sodeb’O (Which made quite an impression on Chris when he went for a ride on it one afternoon in France) and some pictures of some homemade, plywood Buck Rogers-lookin' thing (Gato?) incomplete - To each their own. I may not do very much production volume either but when it comes right to it, the five or six on this forum who do produce voluminous quantities would make for a pretty dull forum were it not for hobbyists or part-time guys like me, and I assume the poster was insinuating, Doug.
    Does Doug's gallery show what he has created with his own hands? I don't know as I haven't looked (I will) but I do know that, to me, Doug has created more than a man can with just his hands. He has created excitement and inspired thought and provocation as much as most any here. Like it or not, and without knowing what tangibles he has crafted, I look forward to seeing new threads by Doug every time I click on Boatdesign. Until this, I forgot Ostlind existed and don't think I'll be one bit poorer for his absence. I have an ex-wife already as proof that I have no room for sociopaths in my life. Good riddance to them. (I was going to let the unpleasant experience atrophy until this thread reared its ugly head to compel me)
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