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    Im trying to find information on Tight V hulled boats. Ive only seen a few pictures of them and thats them generally racing. So does anybody know of any websites or have any information on these tight v hulls? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    It would help if you could give some examples or some additional description. I've never heard of "tight" used in this context... what length are the boats you're thinking of and in what races have you seen them, and can you describe what you've seen a bit more?
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    The boat in question

    The boat in question can be found at this website: http://www.reindlpowerboats.com/ can anyone tell me what sort of hull this boat has exactly or know of any other information relating to the boat

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    Designed by Ocke Mannerfeldt

    The reason you've just seen them racing is, TA DAAA! it IS a raceboat!

    Ocke is a Swedish designer and have designed several worldchampionship boats.

    The design in question is a V24 or D24. Read more about them on Ocke's website and on his V class onedesign webpage

    As far as the shape and if it's any good... I guess it is...
    7 world championships, 1 european championship and 4 national championships. It's pretty fast too! 72 knots :)

    Ocke has designed a large nuber of vessels, have a look.

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