Tier I and Tier II compliance

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by GustavoIturbe, Oct 30, 2015.

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    Hello guys, this is call for all the experts in the marine engineering bussiness.

    I'm currently working on a vessel which started its construction in 2008. Due to finacial problems the shipyard went down before finishing the vessel but it was almost 70-80% done when the company I'm working for bought it.

    We are currently making the specs for the shipyard proposals to finish the construction and we get to the engine part.

    Long story short, we are not doing anything to the engines, which are already installed but have never been turned on, and we want to know what are the conditions we must satisfy.

    I've read Marpol Annex VI and I've come the conclussion that we should only need to comply with Reg. 13 Tier I no matter what, due to the vessel keel laid date, but on this Cummins paper on Tier II and Tier III it is stated that a "major conversion" of the engines could trigger Tier II requirements for said engines.


    Please, if anyone knows more about the subjects help me. Should the engines comply with Tier II in the event of "major conversion"?

    Thanks a lot for your time.
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    talk to your class
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    First you should know the Ship's Flag and if they had surveyed the Main Engines' Installation when that happened (2008 or later).

    You have to know that the Class certified the conformity to rules (Anex or whatever) but the Flag is the authority to register the act.

    Anyway you have to investigate which Flag had the Authority on board that period of time - when the Engines installed.

    Flag's Surveyor at all times confirms the Installation of the Main Engines - on a standard basis procedure - to issue the Registry Certificate of the Ship.
    On Registry Certificate are referred the Port of Registration , the Basic Hull Characteristics of the Ship and the Main Engines.

    The Registry Office of the corresponding Flag will give you the information you asked - If you obliged to follow TIER I or TIER II in your case.

    Good luck Gustav.
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