Thrust bearing temperature

Discussion in 'Propulsion' started by Wayne Kendall, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Wayne Kendall
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    The thrust bearing block that I have in my boat is fairly old. I just recently took it out and poured new babbit because the shaft had a fair amount of play in the thrust block. I also checked the ball bearings, in my case there are 2 sets both enclosed in 2 collars, which slide over the shaft. They appeared to be moving freely and intact. Separating the bearings is another collar with 2 set screws. My alignment seems to be okay, however, the block do get hot after running for a couple of hours. Is it because I poured new babbit which makes a tight fit on the shaft that causes the bearing to get hot?

  2. Petros
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    heat in bearings is a matter of high friction, did they not get that hot before? better double check your alignment, and clearances are within specs. might try some dry lube like lithium or graphite or something similar. Might be time to replace the bearing sleeves too.
  3. tunnels

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    remember the thrust bearing is taking the totall push of the propellor the moment it starts to turn so it is the life and soul of the drive basicly . so needs good lubricants and high pressure type oils etc etc . :confused:

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    What is your shaft length, diameter and running clearence? When cold there should be some play but when "warm" it should close up. By warm I mean warm to the touch, but not oil smoking hot.
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