thru hull exhaust on wellcraft please help

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by badbowtie, Jun 5, 2007.

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    I have a 85 wellcraft elite with a 350 I am going to do thru hull exhaust on this boat I am looking for someone that has done a how to or some more specs on doing this. I am going to use my water mixed exhaust manifolds I have and hoping to just come of the risers and straight out the back. Please give me some more feedback on doing this and a good place to order some tips from. I am not looking for anything off the wall just cheap and easy.
  2. gonzo
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    Are you using 3" hose?
  3. tuantom
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    There are plenty of online sources that sell thru-hull tips and such - cpi, Rex Marine or Jamestown distributors to name just a few - however cheap is relative.
    It will be lot louder, but not at all faster with your small block; so if more speed is your motivation, you'll be disappointed. There is another thread discussing this earlier this year.
    I had straight thru-hulls on my boat and was looking to quiet it down a bit without going back through the outdrive. I picked up a couple of stock Donzi stainless steel muffler tips for $75 + shpipping on ebay. It's hit or miss on ebay, but it may be your cheapest option.
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