Thoughts on this drive system

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Willallison, May 24, 2002.

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    One thing to consider is that there are three distictive types of propellers, and they each function at different ranges.
    The usual propeller type needs clean water and no excessive loading. Cavitating propellers are totally submerged but work at high blade loads.
    Ventilated propellers are partially submerged and work at high blade loads.
    They are not interchangeable and the setups are quite different. It is not possible to get a stantdard Mercruiser or Volvo propeller and use it as a surface piercing with any efficiency.

  2. steering cylinder isolation manifolds

    I carry reserves of all lubricants and fluids aboard ship. in 12 years of operation I have not yet had a steering hose failure, i attribute this to replacement of the steering hoses every other year. Were I to lose a hose, I would have early warning due to the low fluid alarm on my hydraulic steering fluid reservoir. It would then be a simple matter to 1. determine which hose had failed 2. use the steering cylinder isolation manifold to close that cylinder out of the circuit 3. refill the reservior to its normal operating level 4. resume operation
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