Thomas Coville, Marseille to Carthage record ratified by the WSSRC

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    Congratulations to Thomas Coville for setting a new singlehanded multihull reference time for the Marseille to Carthage route on his maxi trimaran "Sodebo".

    The WSSR Council announces the the establishment of a new World Record.

    Monday, 29 October 2012

    Record: Marseille to Carthage. Singlehanded.

    Yacht: Sodebo II 102 ft Trimaran.

    Name: Thomas Coville FRA

    Dates: 12th to 13th September 2012.

    Start time: 12; 46; 36 UTC on 12/09/12

    Finish time: 14; 25; 12 UTC on 13/09/12

    Elapsed time: 25hours 38minutes 36seconds

    Distance: 455NM

    Average speed: 17.77 kts

    Comments: Previous record: “Group Bel”, Kito de Pavant, FRA, Jun 09, 1d 21h 20m 29s

    John Reed
    Secretary to the WSSR Council
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