This flybridge came out of my head.

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    Thought I'd post some pictures of the flybridge that I'm adding to my 73 Silverton. I wanted to thank PAR for the filleting suggestions (the ball technique) and also midnitmike for the suggestion of using a wooden soup spoon to form fillets. The ball technique worked well for me in all situations except when the angle of the inside corner I was trying to fillet was obtuse. For those (greater than 90 degrees) the soup spoon method won out. Someone out there also mentioned the idea of making epoxy grommets in situations where you have to pass bolts/screws through exposed wood. That turned out to be a great idea also so thanks to whoever that was!

    This was the fillet thread:

    The old flybridge was very poorly designed and uncomfortable. This new one took me much of the summer to design and fabricate. This is the first part of the boat where I deviated greatly from the original design. I still have some additional parts to add and of course it needs finish. I'm curious if you all think I'm crazy for making a "breezeway" in the center. It's probably hard to see from the photos but I've built 1/2 inch aluminum channels into the two center supports at the front of the structure. A 1/2 inch plywood piece slides into the center of the flybridge to block the wind/spray when needed. The panel can be removed on pleasant days to get a nice breeze up there.
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