Thinking about a motorsailor

Discussion in 'Motorsailers' started by 8ball, May 17, 2015.

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    I love Tad's work but I'd keep it simple per the Nonsuch 30.

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    Two different ideas being discussed. A stabilizing sail is great if you need one, but I'm not sure how relevant one is for a great loop boat. Setting a sail up for stabilizing duty in open water is very different than setting up a sail for confined waterways. A large, high twist genoa would seem just the thing for a heavy bug boat coming home. But not what I would want on the Mississippi.

    For the great loop, you would want to put emphasis on striking sail and mast completely. You want very good visibility under sail, and you need to be able to trim the sails frequently with little power. All things a genny is not.

    I'd use a cat ketch or cat schooner rig with as much distance as possible between the masts, and masts that are only about 20' tall in a simple deck mount. I'm thinking something that looks like a couple Hobie Wave rigs would do. Roller furling booms and the booms slide in the sail track so you can roll and reef the boom up the mast leaving the sail topped out. Now you can see under it.

    What engine do you have?
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