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    I thought Ild set up a thread for woodworking projects that; although they may not be directly associated with boat building, are no less deserving of an honorable mention

    my latest build is a Victorian remodel job I landed earlier in the year so this one is my latest




    its all laminated solid white oak except the 8/4 deck planks ( not plywood veneer ) and if you look carefully in the last pict you can just make out some of the laminated sections were there edges are exposed
    the panels are all floating and its all built in sections so as be able to breath without splitting anything

    the deck is set up on WO sleepers over the framing so as to maintain similar expansion and contraction rates between the deck and the skirts on the sides

    everything is mortice and tenon with oak pins except for the decking

    I'll be getting the steps done Monday, Tuesday and start assembling the hand rails soon after

    in this next you can see how I used twin tenons to make up for the shallow mortises were the panels float in the frame


    I wanted the tenons to be of a consistent depth so I cut in a twin at each style and rail
    there is some glue preventing a good view of the tenon's but the mortises are clear enough


    dry fitting the frames before I started getting silly with glue


    in that last on the lower left you can see where I accidentally cut off a tenon, so I just mortised both sides and Ill use a feather tenon to get a good connection
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    Boston that is some fine looking work you've performed there. I've always loved oak myself though I usually use a clear finish that ends up in a honey finish that makes the beautiful graining of the wood stand out for admiration. Personalty thats too fine and elaborate work to be outside in the weather IMO but to each their own.
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    Boston, keep posting, That is some BEAUTIFUL work... Congratulations... When you start on your boat, make sure you take lots and lots of photographs - My picture record to date is 336 items with the Nikon coolpix S3, and the Canon shots (3840 x 2160) add a further 55 images... so buy yourself a cheap external terrabyte hard disk (my WD elements was AU$149) so should be sub $100 for you...

    This - - "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Boston again." becomes sooo frustration, and it is well deserved, alas I cannot deliver:D:D:D

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    ah its the thought that counts M
    no worries
    Bambi I also would have preferred a different stain but I gotta go with that the customer wants
    I just hope they change the color of the house soon
    or better yet just strip the paint completely and leave it natural brick
    they have a list a mile long of changes they want so one thing at a time though

    this house never had any curb appeal and some form of deck or another had been screwed up two or three times in the last few years
    no clue what the original was but the tile disaster that was there must have been some kind of joke cause it was sure funny looking what with all the tiles falling off and the lump in the middle were they plywood had buckled
    not sure I have any picts of what I replaced but
    something had to happen

    oh hey
    I have tentatively decided to do a test bed for the old elco idea
    a 22' Zimmer runabout
    Ive found complete plans and Ill build it as specified except I'll retrofit the engine compartment with a steam power plant and boiler
    but Ill leave in all the design elements supporting a typical diesel engine just in case the steam system is inadequate
    I dont want to find out the steam is not going to work and be stuck with a hull that is built around that instead of able to take a conventional power plant


    thing looks pretty straight forward and should be an easy build
    I have plenty of white oak and am thinking of planking it with poplar
    cheap and easy
    and then putting a skin of cherry trimmed in teak and ebony
    since I have a bunch of cherry and teak laying round anyway
    I just need to set up a tent in the back yard and Im good to go
    anyway Ill take some shots as it moves along
    but not so sure I want to do it in the winter
    glue is such a pain in the *** when its cold out and I dont want to have to run a heater in there


    I also have a 350 gas engine in a crate out back
    but that might be overpowering this thing
    not sure what it calls for
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