The Ultimate Sailboat

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Brasstom, Jun 20, 2005.


This design is:

  1. a TOTAL waste of time, give up now!

  2. Worth pursuing.

  1. Brasstom
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    Brasstom Dedicated Boat Dreamer

    hey now! thats just mean! lol
  2. BillyDoc
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    BillyDoc Senior Member


    Ah, well. It was a great feeling while it lasted.

    Wait! How come I can't vote more than once? I'm in America! We have deep traditions of electorial fraud to maintain! Just look at our last 3 national elections. No one made Dubja play fair!

    I'm going down to the cemetary to get some more names to vote with . . . be back soon!

  3. safewalrus
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    safewalrus Ancient Marriner

    Nothing wrong with the idea - the fish well or 'moonpool' has been around for somet time look at most of your dive support vessels of various kinds throughout the world! Same with the microlight on the back? Hanger on deck above the moonpool maybe? The idea's 'old hat' tis the scale that is the problem 50 foot 1 man sub, 1 man microlight - auxilary sails (not the total works) yeah why not? Why not go for it - take a bit of designing stabilitywise but........
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