The ultimate propeller anti-fouling paint

Discussion in 'Materials' started by CDK, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. uaglt
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    uaglt New Member

    What type of grease are you using ????
  2. uaglt
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    uaglt New Member

    What kind of grease were you using ??? (I'm located in Strait of Georgia - part of Salish Sea :):)
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    Recently I am using a 100% silicon based paint, kind used for roofing. Seems not let anything attach to it. But I have not run props at full length rpms to see if adhesion might be problem. An old trick if the boat is going to be at dock for awhile. Wrap then in a large plastic Garbage bag, zero growth.
  4. CDK
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    CDK retired engineer

    For me propeller fouling is a thing of the past.
    We have a RIB now with a Yamaha F100, I tilt the engine after every trip so the snow white prop is out of reach for all lifeforms in the sea.
    The downside is of course the engine noise: after over 30 years of inboard engines a howling outboard is really annoying.
  5. Locquatious
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    PropPurr™ is an antifoulant and polish specifically designed for copper based bronze and brass marine surfaces. It chemically bonds to the copper on the surface and adheres a thin silicone layer to the surface. It is easy to apply. Simply sand the surface to expose fresh copper and make the surface smooth, wipe away the sanding residue, then wipe PropPurr™ on the surface. The chemical reaction creating the bond occurs in seconds. Usually in warm weather, PropPur™ dries in an hour but may take 24 hours to dry in temperatures down to 45°F.
    If the boat just sits, some growth may start building up. Running the prop dislodges most of the build-up. But wiping with fingers or a sponge gets the surface clean again. The prop will remain shiny bronze all season.
    PropPurr™ is a seasonal product that is easy to remove in following seasons and easy to re-apply.
    We have used it for the last two years and the prop comes out of the water clean. If used above the waterline, PropPurr™ keeps bronze ports and brass surfaces free of corrosion, especially on surfaces that that don't see salt spray.

  6. dlg40
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    Has anyone had experience with an antifouling paint system from Marlin Yacht paints. The product is called Velox Plus, and is a two part system, primer and top coat. I applied it to my running gear two years ago, but as the boat was lost to a marina fire, I didn't have the opportunity to evaluate the condition of the prop and trim tabs. The product was less expensive than Prop Speed.
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