The September 2010 Issue of The Westlawn Masthead is Now Posted

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    The new September 2010 issue of Westlawn Institute's free online journal, The Masthead, is now posted and ready for you.

    To read The Masthead, you must have a current version of ADOBE ACROBAT READER. (If The Masthead doesn’t load correctly, you probably need to download an up-to-date verion of Acrobat Reader. Go to: )

    Highlights in this edition:
    • Design Competition Winner - Jon Ames
    • Message from ABYC President
    • Mad Mariner Magazine Radio Interview
    • Westlawn Alumni/On the Drawing Board
    • Splashes / Rodger Martin's "Presto"
    • Know-It-All Q & A
    • Westlawn Profiles Mark Bowdidge
    • Did You Know???
    • Westlawn at METS
    • Understanding AP & FP
    • ABYC Standards - What They Are and Aren't
    • NMMA Boat Certification
    • Book of Dave Martin Designs - Part 2
    • Continuing Education
    • Training Links & Events
    • IBEX Announcement
    • Masthead Archives
    • Westlawn Information Page


    Westlawn Student Jon Ames Wins the ProBoat Wooden Boat Design Challenge
    With a brilliant design, Jon Ames has won the Professional Boatbuilder/WoodenBoat design competition, wood category. It is Jon's second success in a design competition in less than a year. (His power trimaran design was a finalist in the Westlawn/PassageMaker design Competition in January.)

    Read the entire article in this issue.

    Presto 30
    By Rodger Martin
    In all the years I've been drawing boats, and despite many attempts, I have not been able to complete the design of a boat for myself! Even the boats I drew at Westlawn were for the school, or for Mr. Nudelman, or someone, but not for me! It has been easier (and more profitable!) to design boats to clients' wishes; after all, this is our job as designers

    Read the entire article in this issue.

    ABYC Standards - What They Are & What They Aren't
    By John Adey, ABYC Vice President and Technical Director
    What ever you're involved with in the boating world, you'll see copious references to our main product; our Standards and Technical Information Reports for Small Craft. The "Standards" as they are generally referred to are used both to defend the quality of integrity of the boating industry as well as attack it.

    Read the entire article in this issue.

    The Book of Dave Martin Part 2
    By Dave Martin
    Back in 1968, I began dreaming of a practical seagoing pleasure boat that would have the efficiency of a hydroplane. The Westlawn speed graphs showed that a hydroplane would go 38 M.P.H at 30 Lbs. per HP, while a fast vee bottom would onlydo 32 M.P.H. at the same 30 Lbs. per H.P.

    Read the entire article in this issue.

    Go to:

    to read The Masthead (allow a few moments for the file do download), and be sure to click on the "Click Here To Subscribe" at the bottom of the first page to receive the next issue automatically.

    You can click on:

    To see all back issues and read whichever one you like.

    Dave Gerr
    Director, Westlawn Institute
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