The Seasled Story circa1985

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by tonydignity, Mar 24, 2006.

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    I posted a thread some time ago outlining the development of Hickmans Seasled during the 80s.
    I redesigned the manufactured 20footer in Florida,and came up with a new 23ft of my own design.
    Seasled never put it into production,but if ever I win the lottery im sure to give it a try.
    It was a phenominal tool ,and the final research boat had I believe huge potential,Having worked out how to upload photos, I have posted much of the design work pictures in my Gallery.If anyone is interested ,take a look !and read the earlier thread by clicking on my username at the top .
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    Tony ,
    Thank you for the history lessen on the Sea Sled. Your gallery helps to document a important part of small boat hull design. Any other pictures you have would be appreciated.

    Gary :D
  3. tonydignity
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    Hi Gary, thanx for the input,yes I have more design pics of the Sea Sled and Samson sea trucks and docks.
    I will attempt to scan some in and upload over the weekend .
    I believe you are right when you speak of Sea sled history. Hickman overcame so many inherant difficulties with big swinging props,and others he plain ignored such as trying to turn whilst remaining in control.
    When I built tye 23ft plug it was after many boats I was unsatisfied with,each curve ,slot damn and chine was built in to control and absolute beast of a design.much like the current fighters have to be flown by computer. The 23 is a sort of fly by wire, hull where I have built opposing forces and relief areas .After we finished it had a two stage plane effect,did unbelievable controlled turns without chine riding or burying itself,remained comfortable in all weathers and sea conditions and could carry 3500lbs at speed with a 90hp outboard.It sounds very boastful and I apolagise ,but I am still 20yrs on still totally impressed by this hull.If I win the lottery first thing Im going to do is put my money where my mouth is.Tony

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    thanks for the pics and story Toni, and yes even winning a small lottery would do :D
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