The Revolution takes another step: the Mini POGO Flies!

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Doug Lord, Aug 12, 2018.

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    Doug Lord Flight Ready

    From Voiles et Voiliers:

    This 3D image is not the first on which we see a mini fly. But this mini is already turning all heads.
    It is a Pogo but a prototype Pogo (the mini series are not yet entitled to foils). And it is due to the design of Guillaume Verdier, the architect of Pogo 3 who is also a prominent member of the design team of the winner of the last America's Cup, Team New Zealand. It's already very promising.
    Add to that that the design office Structures site, Erwan Tymen is in charge of the file. And that the boat would be promised to a certain Tanguy Bouroullec who finished 4th in series during the last Mini-Transat (aboard a Pogo3 necessarily).
    We say that it should work even if another Bouroullec, Chrisitian, the boss of the shipyard is cautious: "We must first succeed in flying but above all see if we will fly enough. We made the choice of a boat that uses the foils not only to gain power but to fully extract the hull from the water. Then it is not said that the game is worthwhile on a crossing of the Atlantic.
    Why then start building a proto while the Pogo 3 outrageously dominates all the events in the series category? "We want to stay in the loop," says the Combrit-based manufacturer, "and then it's always interesting to work on new materials and processes. Today our series minis are built as were the Class40 10 years ago, the work we are going to do on this carbon proto will probably serve tomorrow on other boats. "
    Loïc Madeline.

    Mini on foils--Pogo voilles et voiliers.jpg
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    Thanks Doug for this news. The 3D image is (willingly) enigmatic concerning the foils design but that looks like a mini AC75 one ? Interesting to follow, and quite challenging the combination full flying and single handling. At first, should be a proto for learning by testing at a low cost.
  3. Doug Lord
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    Doug Lord Flight Ready

    What really struck me was Guillaume Verdier's involvement. Bound to be extremely innovative.... Can't wait to see the foils!
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