The Next Big Thing...

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by PI Design, Feb 20, 2007.

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    I'm not that certain that the problem lies with identifying suitable species. As you eluded to, it lies more with price. Whilst it is still cheaper to lop down the odd rain-forest, than to grow plantation timbers, I doubt that we'll see much change in the status quo.
    Of course, in the warped world of international politics, the day may soon come as a result of international environmental pressure, when the have's (that's us) pay the have not's to NOT cut down their forrests, and instead subsidise the cost of them growing plantation timbers for us to pay extra for!!
    And I agree - bamboo does indeed show some promise....
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    Yes But...


    Does all this look as good as Bjork in a black wool dress...

    Does it all smell like old diesel or rubber and bleach...

    Can common folk talk about it over beer they can afford...

    Can you make a formula for fabrication that replaces current FRP processes...

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    In that order... though I really miss the Swan thing Bjork wore to the red carpet some years past. That little waif knows how to throw it around

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    BlackLightPower/Steam Waterjet Combo

    Talk about green!

    A physicist named Mills has been jacking around with a hydrogen catalyst that causes electron orbits in hydrogen atoms (H1, not hydrogen molecules-H2) to constrict and give of enormous amounts of heat. 1,000 times as much heat as a hydrogen fire.

    There's a waterjet nozzle that uses diesel to heat water to steam and then use the rapidly collapsing cooling/and associated harmonics to create a venturi and thrust. Efficiency with a diesel fired heater approaches 2 stroke outboard efficiency, with no moving parts below the waterline.

    Use your imagination to combine the two. Circumnavigation on a few gallons of hydrogen. Your de-sal unit could make water, Solar panels or water generators like the Solomon wheel could split enough water molecules to make enough hydrogen for your fuel.

    Never buy fuel again.

    I see boats getting bigger without fuel bills, oil changes, engine weight.

    What's greener than that?

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    I have been memeber of the engineering team developing a hydrogen/fuell-cell-powered boat with traditional northern european will find some more information about the system here: The boat has been exhibited at hamburg boat show in October 2006.
    Unfortunatly the page is only in German language but find some English information about the boat itself (no info reg. the fuell cell) here: - in English as well.

    However, I was not responsible for the fuell-cell-system but it has been a very interesting project. The boat has been certified by German Lloyd to be prepared now for serial production.

    The boat will cost ready to go approx. 100.000 € ex tax...

    Greets from Germany, Udo
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    Kite Control Systems

    Hi -
    I am in search of funding and working with people to make self-launching kite systems refined and adapted to boats for the marine industry. I have two US patents issued for launching, sheeting and cleating devices. Visit [​IMG] Thanks, John
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    In accordance with Murphys Law the bamboo species with the best properties for commercial exploitation, will be the main component of the endangered Pandas diet.;)

    And regarding the worry of strapping ourselves into the Last Big Thing, I think sail yachts with engines come under that category. How decadent.
    The simple ability of one man to move several tonnes of boat and cargo by sail across the water is thrilling enough.

    I cant wait for the oil to run out. Some of the countries that depend on its revenue need to be sent back to the stone age.good greif, where did that come from?

    The Next Big Thing for boats would have to be.....unsinkability. Sorry, a bit dull I know but I just think it is bizarre to deny such a basic characteristic for an object operated on/in the water.

    Fantasizing about an atom smashing power plant the size of a six pack that turns a twenty inch prop for two cents a day......but the boat still sinks like a square rigger from 200 years ago?
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