The new SUN FAST 3300 with a double concave line

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    I highlight on this new design because of its innovative hull, with a double concave line, a first to my knowledge for such modern beamy monohull, and the signatures behind : a design due to the association of Daniel Andrieu (the naval architect behind the Sun Fast line, an expert in optimizing for the IRC rating rule) and Guillaume Verdier, with a strong investigation with computational fluid dynamics tools by Véronique Soulé (on the picture), the expert working with G. Verdier. A design line that reminds the one of the Ultim Gitana 17 amas, although working in very different conditions.
    A boat to follow, launch of the first prototype by next spring :
    Nouveau voilier SUN FAST 3300 | Jeanneau
    Jeanneau confirms the launch of the new Sun Fast 3300 set for the European spring of 2019
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