The new project a wooden yachts, Lion 800

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Unik, Jun 28, 2016.

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    New Lion 800 Lion logois a continuation of the series of composite yacht developed by Unik Yachts.
    The main idea of the series yachts Lion is maximum manufacturability of designs and the ability to self built yachts supplied pre cut CNC machined parts.
    Yacht meets all current safety requirements and provides a high level of comfort on board, with a very modest budget.
    The yacht features a double insulated double aft cabin, foreship cabin, great salon, galley with gas stove, sink and toilet.
    The yacht is designed in two variants with lifting keel and draught 0.3/1.1 m and with permanent ballast keel with a draught of 1.7 m.

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    An interesting design.

    I like the mainsail. You didn't go nuts with the square head, and the full length battens are likely to help it behave in blustery weather.

    I also like the fractional rig. My experience with it is it can quickly be reefed by merely dropping the jib. On blustery days I often went out without even bothering to unfurl it.

    The deck plan is a bit puzzling. The safety lines appear to be about 30 cm above the deck. They would not keep you on board if you were walking on it. If you were crawling on it, they may well work.

    The cockpit sole seems to be too high. The cockpit seats appear to be at deck level. I know this was done to get the sleeping space aft, and perhaps to get more buoyancy aft as well. But I imagine seating there to be a bit scary in rough weather, as well as a bit uncomfortable. I think it would be a good idea to design a version with a deeper cockpit without the sleeping area aft. With your present version, the aft end of the tiller seams to sweep the cockpit sole, perhaps limiting the number of people who can sit in the cockpit. Will the tiller be high enough to clear the legs of the helmsman?
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    Safety lines are located at a distance of 450 mm from the deck that complies with safety standards, but I would not mind if someone will make them for yourself above.

    Cockpit is constructed to provide sufficient volume in the aft cabin, and to simplify the structure for a self-built.

    If make a one-place aft cabin that easily can be lowered below the level of the cockpit.
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