the great race ( a chance to let those able few stand up )

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  1. Boston

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    The greatest race since the Aussies beat the Americans for the America's cup

    one man
    powered only by the wind
    balanced on a sliver of dreams
tied to a kite and hanging on for his life
    has attained the mythical 50+ knots

    the other a team of men
    also risking there lives in a super yacht like no other
    flying across the waves on wings of carbon
    and dreams of steal
    chasing a demon down under


    two teams with intentions of greatness
    both going faster than anyone else, ever before,
    powered only by the wind and both able to reach the mythical 50 knot barrier
    who, by some lucky stroke of chance, are with us at the same moment in history
    and not just any moment
    but one of those moments history dreams of
    when men of greatness grace us with there accomplishments and were it not for the existence of the other stand alone on the podium of success
    I say history is calling them
    I am reminded of a moment in the 1980 winter olympics when a few college kids with used equipment from every corner of the united states went head to head with the Russian national hockey team
    and won
    or that famous moment when Ali fought Frazer in the Gardens,
    or again against Forman in Manila
its a moment like the French 1998 world cup victory over Brazil
    or Jesse Owens in Berlin
    these are events we remember today, for a reason
    it was greatness

    I can imagine that moment when the write brothers feet first left the ground
    or the moment by a bridge in old Concord square, 
when in an instant, a shot
    was heard around the world
    and those moments are remembered
    they took courage
    Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron
    are legends

    I see a race in the future 
and a historic event in the making
    its the kind of history great stories are written of
    but its not pride 

    its more than that
    its a need to know
    its a nagging flaw in an otherwise perfect feet of greatness well earned by each man now come head to head for the race of the century

    I say we have two famous contenders in the same place, with the same dream, at the same time
    one of histories rare gifts
    Sea biscuit and War Admiral alive again
    both with a dream we’ve all had
    but unlike most of us
    these men have realized there dreams with great accomplishments
    only to then have those accomplishments questioned buy committees and callous remark
    to have rulings and limitations later created and raised in opposition to those great deeds buy some arbitrary few who cant
    in front of those accomplished few who can and have
    done what we all wish we could do
    great things

    I can hear the rushing of the wind in the rigging
    and that most beautiful voice of history calling 

    I find myself compelled to ask
    who are we to deny her

    I say that to miss this moment
    to not reach out and grab the opportunity to shake hands
    to rise above the committees
    the sanctions
    and those small few who would consider there victories on the crutches of such petty and base excuses
    I say to miss this moment would be a sad day best forgotten

    I say two great men must go head to head
    and see who can cover the distance first
    one race
    one shot
    one single moment in time
    however you want to measure it
    or any distance you can agree
    let those accomplished few decide
    and let those many fans stand back and roar like Romans long ago

    what say we leave behind those who cant
    shake hands with those who do
    and be like the sportsman of old
    I ask you to step forward like gentlemen and grace us with the race of the century 

    from the top row of the farthest bleacher I humbly hope that those who read this and who’s task it will be to make this history
    will consider this challenge and instead of asking themselves
    ask yourselves
    why not
    this challenge
    this moment
    and this race
    this is what makes history
    and these moments are rare
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  2. Sean Herron
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    OK Cheers...


    See you and yours on a 15 second plug on the TV news - one time - then on YouTube...

    You must sign and date your poetry...

    When venturing out into the rain - it is best to close the zipper that is on your head...

  3. Tad
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    Tad Boat Designer

    Oh ********......

    A bunch of spoiled brats.....

    Look around you....wake up....look at Irish fishermen battling Shell oil, or Nigerian students taking over an oil rig peacefully to be shot, or little kids being shot in schools in Africa. Those people are standing up to be counted, their lives are spent on something important.

    Speed records matter not at all......
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  4. eponodyne
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    They matter not at all, I agree. But they are important in the same way auto racing is important, in that way out there on the raged edge of speed and sanity, things are being done that will eventually trickle into the rest of the world. Can anyone look me in the eye and tell me we aren't going to be seeing a lot more kites in the air in 20 years' time? The technology is still in its infancy. Kite-propulsion is poised to be an important industry within the maritime environment, both for pleasure and, if Dave Culp's dreams come true, in the shipping industry as well. And what gets found to work well at 50 MPH might also have benefits at 18.

    So in one sense, it's a bunch of rich ******* wanking their merry way along. In another sense, it might just take a bunch of motorboats off the water and maybe not be part of the problem any more. Ya know?
    For example, a bunch of MIT kids had a website named Zero Prestige (Now defunct, alas, though their cached articles are still available, google for it) which had a bunch of patterns for cutting and sewing polytarp to make traction kites; think that might have benefited the tsunami victims who needed to get out where the fish were? (I emailed a link to the UN but never heard back :( ) Things like that. It's not in the same league. But every bit helps.
  5. Boston

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    why all the anger
    being a proponent of positive change is seldom best accomplished with verile words and demeaning content
    if you would like to advance the issues you present
    promote the race as a charitable event
    contact the contestants and ask if they would care to participate on a charitable basis
    they each probably have a preferable charity
    neither apathy nor anger is going to get much done
    I say act, if you feel so strongly
    writing me the frustrations of the world will get little accomplished if anything
    I am but a small fish in a big pond
    harm none
    do what you will


    its a sporting event Jack, not a cure all
  6. Sean Herron
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    Mr. Roberts - The pistol please...


    Tad marks the beginning of 'The Great Race' with cannon fire - from the committee and line boat...

    Off to the first mark - OH KNOW - number 23's kite has deflated and the Hydropter seems to have a shredded mainsail...

    Looks like this is going to be an interesting 'RACE'...:)

    Like putting bets on Stars and Stipes and the Mono - or whether to buy apples in season or Florida oranges...


    I take both sides on this one - but for god sakes - that first bit of drum beating just went on a bit - like a sermon from a guy who hires hookers and 'just watches' - Sunday afternoons...:)

    It is true - the 'stand up and be counted' - bit - is a little over the top - bit of a slap in the face really - to the people in the trenches WHO DO...

    Some horses *** has to build those machines to feed himself and his family - in my case - a bunch of mange cats - and an imported wife - British ...:)

    I am sure your drum and prose would hold a candle in Hyde Park England...

    Little island near Plymouth - South of Scotland if I remember...


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  7. Boston

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    may have been longwinded
    but the challenge remains
    le those few who can
    step up and stand at the starting line
    ready to make good on dreams of greatness
    ready to take on all comers
    I say
    let the race go on
    I prefer history decides
  8. Sean Herron
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    Sean Herron Senior Member

    Sorry Buddy...


    You have to go into the 'diaper box'...

    While the rest of us - bust our asses - we may check in on you - now and again...

    You go pull the wax off your candle...:)

    How many eggs make a dozen...:)

    How many nickels make a dime...:)

  9. Boston

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    not into sports are you friend
    why the anger and the derision
    I say let the race go on
    bring on the best in there prospective classifications and let them step up and stand at the line
    ready for the gun
    leave those apathetic near do wells behind
    forget those who have no sense of competition
    and lets find out who is the fastest
    bring on the greatest race
    the one between those few who have run the fastest
    were is your sense of competition man
    were is the thrill of victory
    why sit back and criticize
    rather than stand together and cheer
    why bust your ***
    when you could bust a gut
    laughing, drinking and cheering with the rest of us
    encouraging the two fastest men on wind and water
    to go head to head
    I say
    let the race begin
  10. Sean Herron
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    Sean Herron Senior Member

    F'uck it...


    Boston - carry on and best of luck...

  11. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    then I say again
    let the race go on
    forget the committees and the wannabe's
    bring on the guys who fly
    lets have a race between em
    let two greats
    go head to head
  12. eponodyne
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    Man, will you quit usig hard returns? Just type it into the little box, the Internets knows how to make the sentences come out all right. Sorry--so sorry-- but if I wanted to read random-verse poetry I would not come to the boat forum for it.
  13. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    I am surprised you guys dont want to see the two fastest guys go at it
    guess this isnt the racing page

    and propably not
    its just the way I write
  14. eponodyne
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    I do. But it isn't a head-to-head matchup. the kiteboarder can run in shallower water, and Hydroptere can run in bigger seas. So it'll be tough to find conditions where either isn't actively handicapped.

    And even though it's just the way you write, it's still annoying. Sad but true.

  15. clmanges
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    I'm in Boston's corner on this. I just saw a PBS documentary (Independent Lens) on the particle physicists who are trying to find the Higgs boson. None of them can even explain what it is . . .
    . . . does it matter? Hell yes. Everything matters, and we can never tell what benefits can come from some little piece of information learned in a physics experiment, or a boat speed competition. Go watch "Connections" and you'll understand a little better.
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