thai boat plans needed..

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by thailandboy2004, Nov 27, 2007.

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    Have been in the same "boat" re plans

    I have a set of plans for a "Long Tail" that I created from my memory, photos I have taken and the basic sizes of a 10m boat found on this site.
    Unfortunatly for you they may be a bit on the small side, as they are for an 800mm long rc model I have built. However, if you are into reverse scaling they could be usefull.
    Attached are photos of the finished boat.
    Geoff Jones.

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    paradox_4 New Member

    Thai Boat Builder

    I read about a local Boat Builder in Thailand his information is below, I don't suspect he is working off plans but her might be able to take the lines for you. He was building for the The Tsunami Fishermen's Relief Fund, a short-term, non-NGO tsunami-relief fund operated in Bahn Nam Kem in South Thailand. His information is below ;)

    Happy Boatbuilding
    For information, please contact:

    In Thailand
    Graeme Killen, Ph #07-8954940
    If calling from outside Thailand: (066) 7-8954940

    Pon, (Saijer Ketkliang) Ph #09-687-3546
    If calling from outside Thailand: (066) 9-687-3546

    Thailand mailing address:
    Saijer Ketkliang (Pon)
    Taupo 10/6, Wat Nam Kem
    Bang Muang, 182190

    Office: (There is no actual street address for our office)
    Approx. 1 Km from Bang Muang on the road to Nam Kem.
    (or) 200m before the Nam Kem Wat
    (or) 1 Km before the school on the main road from Bang Muang to Nam Kem.

    (The red arrow in the photo below shows the office door to look for.)
  3. Frosty

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    Thais dont use plans, they stand up some 50 gall drums and set a keel and look at it until they are happy.

    The address above is none sense Nam kem Wat is a wat at Nam Kem.

    A wat is a Church, such as the famous Angkor wat on the Cambodian border.

    Ban Muang is the name of a small village some where as all small villages are called ban.

    Ban is also a house as in : pom pi ban' means I go home.
  4. HakimKlunker
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    HakimKlunker Andreas der Juengere

    Original post is 4 years old....
  5. Synns
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    Synns New Member

    Yes, original 4 years old but it is still a source of information for those people who are baffled by long tail boats including myself.
    A few years ago I saw accidentally the longtail races by Samut Songkhram and fell in love at first sight on these boats. As many people before did, I am trying to build one of these myself.
    I do not know or I will succeed but I have build many boats in the past.

    I have designed a boat based on my memories, video's, Youtube, a few Thai friends and off course my own personal preferences.
    The result is a design which I am planning to build within a few weeks from plywood.
    I hope everyone can see the attachment, it is my first posting on this forum.
    Everyone feel free to comment or review my design.
    In time I will share my part drawings with everyone.

    View attachment Longtail-5.PDF
  6. the red dragon
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    the red dragon Junior Member

    Hi Synns,
    What you have designed is a good looking Boat, however I cannot see it being powered by a V8 driving a prop on the end of a scaffoling tube. If however it will be, then it is a brillient modern take of the traditionl Long Tail I built, see my post and photos.
    The Red Dragon.
  7. woodendhow
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    woodendhow New Member

    Here are some photos of the boat I developed and built from a traditional Thai design.
    I hope it might be of your interest.

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  8. the red dragon
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    Thai Long Tails

    Hi Woodendhow.

    What a beautifull boat you have created, it makes mine look a bit amateurish (see my post and photos), but then as it is only 800mm long it is difficult to get a lot of detail in the design and construction. Good luck and good results with your on the water trials and I look forward to seeing any other photos you have.


  9. tunnels

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    Wow tha is so so cool !!nice workmanship and something to be really proud of !! well done . :):p
  10. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    That certainly looks Thai. However to make that plane they alter the stern by adding a large flat plate.

    As Im sure you can see that is a displacement.
  11. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    I saw the plateform and it also has a keel cooler for the motors water !!:p
  12. watchkeeper

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    The Thai boats aren't a whole lot different from the traditional Beduin fishing boats now built by rich Arabs for annual racing. These boats are in a yard at Al Jadaf on Dubai Creek

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  13. watchkeeper

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    Woody is a 22m traditional french fishing boat ketch rigged being built in Al Jadaf yard using teak in tradional boat building practice of 1800 by Pakistani shipwrights.

    They told me their skills are handed down from grandfathers that were taught by British shipwrights.

    Ketch being built for French owner to charter out in Med from Monoco
    Pakistani pay= roughly USD8.0 per hr in UAE

    To std is 40m steel frame Dhow in build using 3inch thick teak planks, 40m keel is 1.4m deep x 0.5m thick.

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  14. Frosty

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    Long tails cool from a scoop fitted behind the prop. Nothing as technical as a keel cooler.

    If the engine has a water pump this is used if not the scoop is made large to increase pressure when moving and force it round.

    Engines can be a small Yanmar TS7 to a Hino EK700.

    Ille look up some photos if not ille walk down the beach and get some.

  15. Colonel Monk
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    Colonel Monk Junior Member

    I realize this is kind of a zombie thread but the topic is not old.... I would very much like to get in touch with Synns to talk about these plans.... It's the closest thing to actual plans I've seen.

    Synns, I'm also a mech eng, looks like from your drawing you may have a solid model from SolidWorks used to create drawing? I will give you my first born son if you'll share your work with me!!

    I'm very intrigued by this design, I have the perfect motor already, I harvested a 650cc Kawasaki Jet Ski engine from a dead PWC a few years ago... It makes 55hp I think, and only weighs a small amount.

    This has got to be my next boat project, but I've never been to thailand and the video is pretty shaky out there to be taking any sort of details from....

    Sure hope I can get in touch with you.

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