Tell me about the Nordic Tug 54

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by RabigAngel, Jun 19, 2012.

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    I thought Nordic was out of business?
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    For a short time they had stopped production.
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    I'm assuming an engine rebuild or replacement as part of initial costs so mostly, I'm wondering about electronics or other, newer features that the '94 might not have.

    What is missing on older boats is the years of owner input.

    The newer cookies will have many of the "improvements" the boats designer did not think of .

    Most of these larger boats use industrial , or large truck marinizations , so it would be very rare to have 1/50 the time needed for a rebuild.

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    Are you sure you don't mean the Nordhavn 46?
    The 47 is a newer generation, after Nordhavn caved to customer demands for more interior volume. They did so by mainly going up.
  5. sean9c
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    Not being negative and I sure like the PL series but I'd be sort of curious to know how you built a PL 48 for $300k, has to be stripped and built in a cheap labor place. Boats are expensive to build
    A more interesting comparison of boats might be by interior volume. The NT54 is a big block of a boat. Likely with considerable more interior than even the larger Dashew boat.
    Obviously the NT 54 is the only molded boat of the 3, so if you don't have to include tooling cost in the price it is at an advantage. Also the $997k has got to be the stripper version and based on the new economic reality. It wasn't long ago that NT42's were bumping that $.
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    I don't build, sell, or price any boats.....I design them and sell plans.

    I know very well that boats are expensive. As a further point of perspective, a Diesel Duck 462 (51' by 15') in steel and built in China is 68,000 pounds and $600k at the yard. That's base price of $8.82 per pound, with no autopilot, watermaker, freezer, generator, stabilizers, sailing rig, flying bridge, etc.....

    There is some amount of "tooling" cost in almost every build method, whether it's NC CAD time for aluminum construction, cutting molds for strip planking, or building full tools for production glass.
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    I understand that there is a LRC58 which has a range of 9000miles, is 58ft long, uses a 75HP engine and there hardly any fuel and has a cruising speed of 12knt

  8. bpw
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    I am a sailor so can't help on boat choice, but I will say as an experienced cruiser that you really can't know what you want until you go out cruising for a while. Maybe buy a cheap smaller boat, make sure you like cruising and then use what you learned to decide on the "perfect boat" If you are careful you will likely be able to sell the first boat for about the same as you paid, and probably save a lot of money on the new boat.

    I have met far too many people who spend 5-10 years getting ready to go cruising and making the boat perfect just to find out they don't actually like it that much. Then the boat either gets sold on the cheap or they park it in a marina and use it a rather expensive houseboat.
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