Team Adventure (110' RACE cat) returns

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    How about this good news!

    The RACE boat that Cam Lewis and Randy Smyth sailed around the world in is coming back. But it might be a tough road to gain sponsorship and repair money in the economy of today, especially considering the monies being placed aside for our Presidential race this year.
    In Doha for the Oryx Cup press conference and to announce their return to
    ocean racing, Team Adventure's skipper, Cam Lewis and navigator, Larry
    Rosenfeld, today congratulated Steve Fossett and his crew on Cheyenne for
    their incredible record-demolishing sail around the world.

    Lewis and Rosenfeld said their 110-foot catamaran Team Adventure will race
    again around the world, competing in the Qatar-sponsored Oryx Cup starting
    in Doha in March 2005.

    Lewis and Rosenfeld also revealed their plans to sell sponsorship for
    their round-the-world bid on the eBay online auction web site. The
    seven-day online auction starts Tuesday, April 6 at 4:30pm London daylight
    (8:30am Ebay) time, and can be found at

    The opening bid is $1.0 million and the buy-it-now price is $9 million. A
    reserve price has been set at $7.5 million for the exclusive title
    sponsorship, but bids for less than the reserve may potentially be
    included as supporting sponsors. Or, to find the listing, go to and search for "TeamAdventure".

    Team Adventure, which sailed to third place in The Race of the Millennium
    in the winter of 2001, has remained in storage in Portsmouth, RI, since
    the big cat was damaged when it hit an unidentified submerged object in
    mid-ocean while making a transatlantic record attempt in August 2001. --
    Keith Taylor
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