Teak/Plexiglass Hatches

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Asleep Helmsman, Nov 20, 2015.

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    Leaking Plexiglas/teak hatches.

    More on the 1968 Pearson 35.

    In '68 Pearson used much more teak and mahogany than they did in subsequent years, making this boat fairly rare, even among Pearson 35s. So this restoration is going to attempt, wherever possible, to restore the original, more wood, look.

    The hatches are constructed of teak and the Plexiglas is bedded in a rabbit, which is flush with the top edge of the teak frame. The only thing holding it down is the sealant.

    I'm removing the old acrylic light and stripping the frames because they are leaking in the mitered corners as well. Fixing the teak is no problem, I'm simply going to cut out some of the glue and replace it with filled epoxy.

    And finally, the question:

    Is there any better way to seal the Plexiglas and maintain a flush seam, that does not leak?
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    I think that, with your restoration with epoxy on the frames and a good bedding in 4200 that, you should not have any problems as long as the wood is maintained. I believe there are special considerations when epoxying teak due to its natural oiliness. I think a good wipe down of the joints with acetone will do and others may have better input.
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