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    Is it permissible for Fuel Oil air pipes/overflow to pass through accomodation areas ?We have a prob.We have to pass the air pipes either thru accomodation or it will have to cut thru the water tight bulkheads below freeboard.

    I referred DNV,LR and RINA.No where it says air pipes cannot cut bulkheads.Only water tight integrity has to be maintained.
    Also nowhere it says air pipes cannot pass thru accomeodation.
    Pipes conveying fuel is not allowed to pass thru acco,according to DNV.But these air pipes eventhough they acts as overflow i think it cannot be considered as pipes conveying fuel.

    I have seen vessels which hav F.O air pipes passing thru acco.
    Can please anyone suggest which is better.Cutting thru water tight bhds below freeboard or taking thru acco.
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