Swing keel ram removal

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    It will be awhile before we set sail. It's in my back yard. The question I have is, can I remove the swing keels hydraulic ram in drydock on the hard. I have located the inspection doors on the trunk, and the top is a no brainer for access to the top pin. The bottom door doesn't give me that luxgury, unless the boat is suspended in air in order to extend the swing keel. Yes, I could cut at the exact location and make another inspection door, but maybe there's another way somebody can advise on. I just recently had some sandblasting done to the hull and keel and noticed, maybe possibly, there's another way to do this. Check the following pics from both sides of the keel and notice the circles indicating possible access to a pin or whatever.
    Any explanations on what they were there for will certainly help unneccessary disturbance.

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