Swim Platform Installation advice needed

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by boatinmi, Aug 8, 2009.

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    Hi there. I'm a noob. I just purchased an old boat. 1981 Formula F-20 SC. It has a small swim platform on the port side and it is in poor shape. I have purchased a nice full size teak platform that I plan to install. In order to do so I need to clear up the transom as there is an outboard mount that I plan to remove and some through bolted "eyes" for skiing I guess. In addition to being in bad repair the existing platform is under water when adults go aft. If I stand on it to put my cockpit cover on I get water up to my ankles.

    So, my question is, does anyone see a problem with me raising the height 6". It is currently 3" above the standing waterline when empty, I want to go to 9" so when it is full of fuel and people I am still above the water.


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    No problem... except one thing.. Why the transome swims so deep in the first place? Additional tankage? A locker filled with anchor chain? Check if there's any chambers flooded with water or soaking wet foam core. Best possibility of course it's just mishap in placing the old platform too low.. but better be sure..
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    Best to place the platform just high enough to allow you to fully tilt your sterndrive. You don't want it too high as it makes egress from the water more difficult.
    I'm not particularly surprised that the existing one gets wet. These boats tend to have a centre of gravity that's quite a long way aft, so float stern down to start with. Add some guys and hey presto - as you say, you get your feet wet.
    When you do the work, make sure you thoroughly soak the ply core of the transom with epoxy before you through-bolt the new platform on. An do the same before filling any holes that you leave behind by removing other stuff
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