Swim Ladder for IMP 235 Eleganza

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by wetanddirty, Apr 8, 2013.

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    wetanddirty New Member

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and hope someone can help. I recently bought a 1992 IMP 235 Eleganza and only have one issue with it. There is no swim ladder for deep water boarding. This is only a problem when I take my parents out for a boat ride. Without a ladder, they have difficulty boarding. I've looked at under mount ladders but with the hull shape under the swim platform I can't see how I could mount one. Mounting on top of the platform is just plain ugly. I was wondering if anyone on the forum has solved this problem. I am even considering one of the rope style ladders and just attaching it to the rear boarding grab handle. Any info is appreciated.
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    Dont know what your boat looks like, but a functional swim ladder is worthwhile and good seamanship.

    Rope ladders dont work. A fold down Metal ladder is the way to go.
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    This is a deep V monohedren hull with an outdrive. These two features combine to make over the stern entry difficult. Does yours have the swim platform? If so, there's no real elegant solutions, because everything has to clear the drive in the up position. If you built a custom platform, you could split it, so it could be lowered down and a more manageable over the transom egress worked out, possible built in steps, then a stainless tube, flip down boarding ladder. I've made a few custom platforms that incorporate a raised center section, for the drive in the up position, while offering a built in step down feature, for near the water platform use. On one, I cut the transom on the starboard side, to offer better over the transom access. A few grab rails on the transom greatly improved its' use. The ladder was a standard WindLine folding, on a slider.
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