Swift Oceanics where abouts ???

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    Any and all the help I can get in this matter would be appreciated, and I will pay !!!

    Swift Oceanics where abouts ???
    Does anyone know where this company went ???? and or the owner Darrell Miklos

    I'll pay for any and all the help I can get, thank you

    The owner (Darrell Miklos) left Cali. and moved to Arizona to put in a new boat manufacturing plant for a few years. My understanding now is he is living between the Bahama's and Mexico.
    My home office phone number is @ 1-587-350-1583 or email me a good time to phone, and best time of the day.


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    Erm, why do you want to know?
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    They are probably hiding from his spam.
    He has posted the same thing in several forums.
  4. rawenerg

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    I just about sent Swift Oceanic a deposite back in March 2000 for one of
    their Lazor2000 XL PWC, then all of a sudden they disappeared, that's why

    I'd also like to see if the Engineering and Designs are still around, because I'd
    like to start building them.

    Anyways I'll pay for any and all info any one has on them.


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    Are you talking about paying for info or drawings?
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