SW Florida , Yacht design or Survey work needed

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by FloatingViking, Jul 26, 2009.

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    FloatingViking real world yacht design

    I am seeking work in the South west of Florida ( I know , just like everyone else ) I am a Westlawn Graduate (yacht designer ) ,With 3 years engineering and Naval architecture in Suny Maritime ,Naval Accademy under my belt.I have worked for the past 5 years with a well know NY yacht designer on both new designs as well as refits and modifications.
    I hold a Lloyds marine surveyors Certfication and I am a SAMS sa as well.
    I also have a Master-technician credential from the ABYC in ,electrics, Diesels and composites.
    I have run business in Europe , and been involved in companies there for 20years . I have put up a LOT of real world sea miles in the north atlantic and the Med in all sorts of vessels and conditions.
    So if you are looking for someone that has the basics plus, perhaps you might consider me
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    Forward me a resume
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