Suzuki Dt65 any ideas?

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by Wayne dt65, Apr 10, 2010.

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    Wayne dt65 New Member

    Hey guys
    I would greatly appreciate some advice. I’m a novice.
    I recently bought a 14 ft Al Shaddai ski boat powered by a Suzuki DT65 (1989). I did the usual. Spark plugs, gearbox oil, new fuel filter, cleaning the carbs etc. The telltale and exhaust under the powerhead both eject a strong jet of cool water while under way, at idle the exhaust becomes more of a spit but the cylinders remain cool and telltale remains steady. Needless to say I do not think there is anything wrong with the impeller.

    Initially I only had one problem. I live in South Africa and many of the roads are bad. After towing the boat for a considerable distance the motor would start normally but then stall after a few minutes. It smokes excessively and after a few tries starts and then runs perfectly for the rest of the day. Until I have to transport it again. Could it be 2 stroke oil some how draining into the motor due to the vibration? Taking into account this does not happen at my local dam.

    At one stage the boat was not going to be used for at least a month so I decided to run the carbs dry. When I attempted to get the bugger to start again it did not want to know. I discovered a crack in one of the fuel couplers. Unfortunately getting spares up here is next to impossible and I had plans for the following day so I made do… this involved a coin with a hole drilled in it, hose clamp, cable ties and some glue.(don’t ask) the motor started shortly after as per normal.

    The following day the engine surged a couple of times. The tach would drop by at least 500 rpm and then return to normal. I fiddled with it checking fuel breather, fuel lines and electrical connections. I eventually got it right and it ran well for the entire long weekend. Though it did tend to smoke a little more than usual while trolling.

    Back at home while running on muffs the motor idled beautifully but when in gear at about 3000 rpm and above the tach floats by plus minus 100 to 150 rpm I can also clearly hear it increase and decrease. What do you guys think carb rebuild maybe? Leak in the fuel line? I am noticing some exhaust slobber. Carbs too rich?

    What oil do you recommend I’m using Indy Nautica.

    Kind regards
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    Make sure your gas is fresh, especially if you are running an ethanol mix. Carb rebuilt may be in order. It also could be sucking air into the fuel system. check the hose connections at the tank and the engine. The one where it clips on the engine is notorious for leaking after a few years of use. Check on line with Suzuki about the oil. Unless they specify something different any reputable 2stroke oil will work.
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    Hello Wayne, hoe gaan dit?

    I also have a Suzuki on my 17ft Cabin, albeit an 85hp with power TT. Suzuki's are the best motors around (torque) and I will not swop it for any other engine, although I sell Yamaha spares and services them. Also local Tohatsu dealer ...

    For starters, ONLY uses a TC-W3 two stroke oil. I use any make available but ENGIN and Shell are good ones.

    Secondly, check your fuel filter, but your problem may be dirty emulsion tubes in the carb. A few other things can be suspect but I have lazy fingers to type all that.
    Call me if you want and I will assist you. My mobile is 082-5377903 or on Telkom line 057-3923079. BTW, I run Norcom Marine in Welkom.

    Ek hoop jy geniet jou boot :cool:
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