Super Yacht Session at SNAME Annual Meeting

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    SMTC Technical Program
    SNAME Papers Now Posted - Discussion Invited

    The SNAME papers that will be presented at the annual meeting, the SNAME Maritime Technology Conference, on October 12-13 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, are available for review. Click here. Discussers are asked to follow the instructions posted here ( Formal discussion should be submitted expeditiously to facilitate consideration by the authors. The Ship Production Symposium papers will be posted shortly.

    SuperYacht Technical Sessions

    As part of the SMTC&E and SPS this year, as well as its ongoing commitment to the Small Craft Industry, SNAME is pleased to announce a special technical session on super yachts. During this year’s conference, a series of targeted presentations, exercises and papers will be given focusing on the topic of super yachts. On Friday morning, October 13, 2006, the presentations will begin with an overview of the market and coming trends by the Editor-at-Large of ShowBoats magazine. Other presentations include:

    Proven productivity improvement methods for small shipyards
    Improving market share by targeting desired levels of quality
    New developments in aluminum structural design
    New concepts for fuel efficient motor yachts
    Managing yacht construction and repair contracts to avoid litigation
    The emphasis of the session is to introduce the resources available through SNAME and related organizations to help yacht builders, designers and other firms improve quality, profit and market share. There are several small-craft presentations scheduled on Thursday October 12th and on Friday afternoon, addressing ferries and other small passenger vessels, tugboats, and high-speed craft.

    SNAME is offering a special discount one-day registration fee that includes a CD all of the papers presented on both days of the conference. In addition, plan to visit the Expo featuring the latest in maritime technology and products, including software and services, as well as the Innovation Sessions which introduce the newest concepts and products in the maritime industry right on the show floor.

    Visit to register for this very special event.
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